About Prop Rental

George Glazer Gallery is known for its unusual “collector’s cabinet” of scientific and library antiques and works of art — from traditional to quirky cool. These include a large selection of antique globes, as well as astronomy and scientific instruments for rental — or for sale.

Accordingly, the Gallery has been a frequent source for New York City’s top movie, television, and theatrical set stylists and decorators, particularly for set design projects involving:

• The time-traveling or mad scientist’s laboratory
• The Dickensian Olde Curiosity Shoppe
• The eccentric Edwardian antiquarian’s richly appointed library
“Steampunk” style
Cabinet of Curiosities

We have rented items to such major industry leaders as Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Brothers. In addition to set designers for motion pictures and television, we also rent for window displays as well as advertisements in various media. Our globes have been featured in window displays in New York City at Bergdorf Goodman and Ralph Lauren. We recently rented a globe held by former President Bill Clinton, as a prop for the cover of Time magazine. These and other projects can be viewed here.

The globes, maps, art, and antiques on our website are offered for sale as our core business. Most of them are also available for rental. In addition, this Props section of our website, with tabs above for different categories, shows more items for rent or purchase that are characteristic of our “look.”

We also offer image licensing, providing high-resolution TIFFs of our antiques for publications and web sites.

How to Order

Please view our web site, including the use of the search function for the general section and the tabs above, to locate items of interest. For assistance and price quotes, please contact us at worldglobe@georgeglazer.com via the form below, or call the gallery at 212-535-5706.

• If you email us, please be sure to include a description of the type of item you’re interested in. If it’s something you’ve seen on our main gallery site, also include the URL.

• We’ll confirm whether it is available for rental or purchase, and discuss your rental needs (such as location, amount of time needed for rental, etc). We will also let you know the rental fee (which is usually 10% to 25% of the value, with a minimum charge of $300) or purchase price.

• If we reach an agreement on prop rental, we will issue a contract for you to review and sign. It will specify, among other things, that you pay expenses in moving the item from the gallery and returning it; that you are responsible for the item once it is taken from the gallery and will insure it against loss, theft, and damage; and a disclaimer of liability relative to intellectual property rights (we do not have copyright to the items or their images).