Roman Chariot Plaque
Roman Chariot Plaque detailRoman Chariot Plaque detail

Plaque, Wood, Carved Roman Chariot Rider, Art Deco

Roman Chariot Rider
Carved pine plaque with white painted highlights
American, English, or Continental: 2nd Quarter 20th Century
18 inches high; 47 inches wide, 2.5 inches deep
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Wooden plaque, carved in high relief, showing a Roman warrior driving a chariot drawn by four galloping horses. The elongated horizontal composition, poses of the horses and the billowing cape contribute to an impression of rapid speed. Although the subject is classical, with numerous precedents in art from ancient Rome to present, the carving and stylization of this particular composition is more in the Art Deco taste of the 1930s.

Condition: Generally very good with the usual overall wear and shrinkage commensurate with age. The pine has white painted highlights mainly in grooves in the carving.

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Mid 20th Century




Painted, Pine, Wood


Art Deco